2022: Looking forward after the Covid Pandemic

Reasons to be optimistic

Now that 2021 is behind us, it’s time to start looking forward to all the good things we hope for in the coming year. The signs are that this will be our busiest charter season since before the pandemic began.

In Greece the sun always shines!

Last summer, many people were quick to spot the advantages of a sailing holiday in Greece. On a bareboat sailing yacht, you have the most exquisite form of isolation. Whether you are travelling with your friends or family, on board the boat, you stay in your own safe bubble, you can go where you like and you can avoid the crowds.

Some of our clients last summer decided to pre-order their provisions and then set sail into the blue, remaining at sea, or anchoring in idyllic private coves, and cooking all their meals on board. Others saw that, with not many cases of coronavirus in Greece, and all the precautionary measures taken by shops and restaurants, it was safe enough to enjoy al fresco dining at a seaside or village taverna, and always warm enough to eat out of doors.

Greece is a country of sunshine, especially between the months of April – October, so there’s plenty of vitamin D to go round, and it’s well known that the immune system needs plenty of vitamin D to function properly. The virus doesn’t like warm, dry environments with plenty of fresh air, and this is precisely what you would get on a sailing holiday in the Greek islands.

Crewed charters and Cruises

Even if you don’t have a sailing licence to charter your own boat, you can still enjoy the benefits on a crewed sailing yacht or crewed catamaran, with minimum crew. All our professional sailing crew follow the safety guidelines and procedures, ensuring that you can feel safe while on board.

Our small ship cruises and cabin charter options are small and with limited guests on board, ensuring you can always maintain your distance from each other and spread out on the decks to enjoy the sunshine.

Learning to sail!

By far, the biggest increase we saw last year was an interest in our RYA sailing courses that we offer from various locations here in Greece. It’s as if a great number of people suddenly realised that a sailing yacht charter holiday was the way to go, now and in the future, and investing in a skipper’s licence of one’s own, in order to charter sailing yachts all over the world, would be the way to do it. Learn and explore the Greek islands, swim in the Aegean or Ionian seas, and catch a different kind of bug: the sailing bug!

Leave the fear behind

While the next few months may still be difficult, with many countries currently experiencing perhaps the worst wave of Covid-19 during the cold winter months, it is certain that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Spring is just around the corner, and with warmer weather on its way and, as more and more people become vaccinated, it can only get better.

We anticipate that, like last year, many people will wait and book their holidays at the last minute, when they are sure they can come. While there are advantages to a late booking, there are also a few disadvantages, the main one being that you would have less choice, as many boats will have already been reserved. By booking early, you can benefit from extra discounts and a more flexible payment plan.

Reserve your yacht by 31 January to benefit from early booking discounts and flexible payment plans.

Greece will always be here, waiting for you, and the sun will continue to shine!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Odyssey Sailing team

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