Alternative Cruises

In addition to our standard cabin cruises, we also offer a selection of themed cruises in Greece, which are ideal for those hoping to add some diversity to their Greek sailing holidays. You can join a wildlife cruise and experience the Greek natural world at its best, or a scuba diving cruise if you want to explore under the surface, or a hiking cruise if you`d like to spend a bit more time walking the islands. Explore alternative cruises now!

Combine sailing with an amazing hiking cruise through the Greek Cyclades islands, with breath-taking views of the Aegean; follow mountain trails through traditional villages, ancient settlements and sail to virgin beaches where you can rest and have a refreshing swim.
Join a sailing and diving cruise and discover the unique natural diversity that hides in the magical depths of the Aegean sea, while sailing through some of the most beautiful and undiscovered of the Greek islands.
Discover the unique flora and fauna of the Greek islands on our wildlife cruise whilst enjoying a relaxing sailing holiday through the Greek Cyclades islands, and at the same time, participate in efforts to support and protect the local environment.
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