Day Charters in the Gulf of Volos

€800 for up to 8 guests 
on a Crewed Yacht in the Pagasetic Gulf

Experience sailing and swimming in crystal blue waters, have a meal at a traditional Greek taverna and end the day with a lovely sunset.

Whats Included
Yacht and fuel
Skipper and deckhand
Light refreshments onboard

Not Included
Meal at a local taverna – approx. €25/pp including local wine or beer


Departures: 9-10 am – Return 7 pm

Set sail from the lively and bustling Greek city of Volos, from where Jason set sail in his ship the Argo, on his quest to find the golden fleece… Sailing through the azure waters of the Gulf of Volos (Pagasetic gulf) you’ll see traditional villages on either side, beaches, pine forests and if you’re lucky, you might see dolphins! Enjoy a swim off the boat in the crystal clear waters of a small anchorage or close to a beach, explore the small islands in the Gulf, enjoy a traditional lunch at a taverna.

Sailing in the Pagasetic gulf: Whether propelled by the wind’s gentle caress or powered by the hum of our motor, we navigate through the cerulean waters of the gulf of Volos. Allow yourself to be captivated by the ever-changing shades of blue that surround us, while indulging in refreshing delights that awaken your senses.

Immerse yourself in a blissful swim-stop, before unveiling the possibility of venturing to the secluded paradise of “Donkey Island”, a tiny islet with its own unique allure, or basking in the golden sands of the enchanting “Tzastini” bay, nestled along the mainland’s coast.

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Lunch & Swim stop: Enjoy a delightful lunch amidst the picturesque beauty of “Paleo Trikeri” island or the charming “Kottes” Fishing village, both offering a taste of traditional Greek cuisine.

Take your time ashore to immerse yourself in the local surroundings, perhaps exploring the intriguing monastery that warmly welcomes visitors on Paleo Trikeri.

Following lunch, we set sail once more, let the rhythmic dance of the waves to a nearby cove for another refreshing swim-stop.

Sunset Sail Back: As the sun begins its descent, we embark on a return sail to Volos, cradled by the gentle cadence of the sea. Allow the soothing rhythm of the waves to lull you into a state of tranquil reflection, as we traverse the distance between destinations, weaving memories into the tapestry of our voyage.

19.00 – 20.00: As we approach the harbour of Volos, a profound sense of gratitude fills the air, mingled with the bittersweet emotion of parting ways. Cherish these final moments aboard, savouring the magic of our adventure .

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*Please note that the given itinerary serves as an approximation, for in our seafaring quest, we surrender to the whims of the weather, allowing the elements to guide and shape our voyage.


S/Y “XANEMOS” Beneteau 440 (1996)
Cabins 3 | Berths 8 | Heads 2 | LOA (metres): 13.16

This classic style sailing yacht has a powerful turbo engine and large performance sails and can cruise comfortably at 8-10 knots. Between 6-8 guests can sit comfortably in the cockpit, under the shade of the bimini tent, with room for a couple of people to sunbathe on the foredeck.


Overnight or weekly stays on board are possible for up to 6 guests. The boat has 3 double cabins and 2 bathrooms (heads) and a large spacious saloon with galley kitchen and two fridges. The interior is solid teak wood and the boat is fully equipped with everything you need for
a comfortable stay on board.

2 days €1520
3 days €2200
4 days €2850
5 days €3470
6 days €4050
7 days €4600

*Prices include skipper, bed linen & towels pp, end cleaning & port fees. Not included: fuel, provisions, skipper meals.


With a whole week you have the chance to visit Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Greece’s largest marine park. Dense pine forests go all the way down to the sandy beaches, adding a unique emerald tone to the waters. Look out for the monk seal in the Northern Sporades.You may also see dolphins, turtles and other wonderful fauna.

Bareboat Charter in the Sporades Islands

29 July – 19 August

10 June – 29 July
& 19 August – 16 Sept

20 May – 10 June & 16 Sept – 30 Sept

22 April – 20 May
& 30 Sept – 14 October

Before 22 April & After 14 October

*Skipper fees and end cleaning charged extra for weekly charters

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