Thank you to our clients for sending us their holiday photos!

Photo credits:
Marios and Athanasia (newlyweds) from Greece, s/y Ankereva, Bavaria 36 owners, from Volos, May-June 2021
Hans-Michel and Helga, from Germany, on s/y Sophia, Sun Odyssey 33, from Volos, June 2021
Alex and friends, Greece, on s/y Circe, from Skiathos, June 2021
Shelley and Bill from USA, s/y Diva, Dufour 48 catamaran from Athens, with skipper, June-July 2021
Cristian and friends from Romania, s/y Celene, Sun Odyssey 440 from Volos, with skipper, July 2021
Edward and family, USA, s/y Athina, Lagoon 42 catamaran from Volos, with skipper, July 2021
Fabian and family, from Germany, on s/y Circe, Sun Odyssey 410, from Volos, August – September 2021
Johannes and friends from Germany, s/y Celene, Sun Odyssey 440 from Volos, 4th time, September 2021
Harald and Edith from Austria, s/y Sophia, Sun Odyssey 33 from Volos, September 2021
Marek and Marcin and friends, from Poland, on s/y Angelina, Oceanis 54, from Volos, September 2021

(Surnames are withheld unless requested to be added by the credit holders).


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