Hi Francesca,

Thank you for your very kind words. Honestly, Vasilis is such a humble guy. I didn’t for a second feel that I was just a number in the crowd! And trust me there was a big crowd in the Marina on that Saturday. We felt the exclusivity, the privilege and the honour of having a family yacht for a week  instead of a yacht of a very commercialised company. I could tell how close to his heart Christianna VIII is and I hope he saw how close to my heart their yacht was and still is. It was a huge deal for me to go on this holiday. I come from a very humble background and to achieve my dream holiday even though I had to cut it down to a week was a great deal.  He did everything to help us out. We did manage to sail out on the Saturday and that was only because of Vasilis. He was so willing to “get his hands dirty” sort of speak. Helped us with the shopping, the luggage loading, with the hostess as he had to do a couple of runs to collect her to go shopping with us, took her back home to collect her essentials for the week. He touched base a couple of times during the week to make sure we were ok. Honestly! Anything I say will be too little. Actions speak way louder than words in this case.

It is definitely not out of my system though. I have to do it again at some point but next time it will be just myself and my wife but still with a skipper and hostess. Because I organised it all I felt the extra pressure of making sure everyone was having a good time. I had the Brits, the Cypriots and the Crew and felt I had to keep the balance and make sure everyone was happy to the point I was forgetting to relax. But I think that’s just my nature and a bi-product of my job where I am responsible for 500 plus passengers, 30 crew members and a multi million dollar flying toy to look after.

Oh! The adjective I missed was Busy! Hehe! Apart from the holiday blues we have been healthy!

I am talking too much now! I can go on for hours!! Hahaha!

Please feel free to use the review of course and I will try to collate some pictures to send through as well. Allow me sometime and I will send them through.

Kindest regards,


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